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Comparative Analysis Of The Quality Of Portland Cement Sourced From Dangote Cement Factory Obajana And Bua Cement Factory Sokoto

Volume 6 - Issue 10, October 2023 Edition
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Nwaha, D. O1, Chukwujama, I. A2, Sani J. E.3 and Mohammed, I. S.4
Cement quality, construction materials, compressive strength, setting time, chemical composition, durability, construction performance.
This study emphasizes the critical role of high-quality cement in ensuring the durability and structural integrity of concrete-based construction. The quality of cement significantly impacts a building's compressive strength, workability, and overall performance. Portland cement, a key binding agent in concrete production, is examined in this study through a comparison of BUA Cement from the Sokoto factory and Dangote Cement from the Obajana cement factory. Various physical, chemical, and mechanical tests were conducted according to British standards, involving 30 cubes and 12 beams. Testing occurred at intervals of 7, 14, 21, and 28 days, with selected beams subjected to sulfuric acid immersion. The findings suggest that Dangote Cement excels in terms of compressive strength, crushing strength, workability, and durability, essential attributes for construction. On the other hand, BUA Cement demonstrates faster setting times, enhanced scheduling flexibility, and superior overall performance. The study highlights BUA Cement's higher content of key chemical components, though the differences between compositions are relatively small. These findings emphasize the importance of selecting the right cement type based on specific construction requirements.
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