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The Inquiry -Based Approach in Teaching Probability among Grade 8 Students of X National High School

Volume 4 - Issue 1, January 2020 Edition
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Arnel M. Dayame, Lirah Jean Z. Gavilan, Felix M. Diano Jr.
Inquiry based approach, Traditional approach, learning instruction, learning improvement, student’s academic performance.
The investigation decides the mean score and the critical distinction of the pre-test and post-test consequence of X National High School understudies. The investigation helped the instructor to more readily fathom why inquiry attempts to interface with and invigorate students learning, it is imperative to observe how an inquiry way to deal with manage demonstrating contrasts from a customary methodology. The examination used a pre-test-post-test plan under Pre-Experimental research design to decide the improvement of the students' scholastic execution utilizing the inquiry-based methodology in educating probability. The investigation uncovered that in a inquiry-based learning students adequately participate in learning and thus were dynamically busy with the procedure and content. Along these lines, there will be increasingly viable learning guidance with respect to the educator and utilizing the IBA may prompt better learning improvement.
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