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Corruption As Enemy Of Peace In The Society: Impacts On Socio-Political And Economic Development Of Nigeria

Volume 4 - Issue 1, January 2020 Edition
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BABATOLA, Adeleye Marcus
Corruption, Electoral Fraud, Under-development and Bad Governance.
This paper examines corruption as enemy of peace in the society which has become undesirable omen to socio-political and economic development in Africa especially Nigeria. Regrettably, efforts at ensuring peace and harmony which are the hallmarks of societal development have been impaired by the ravaging storm of corruption. The more the mechanism put in place to abate the consequential effects of corruption, the higher the perpetration of the syndrome in the society .Indeed, it appears as if every Nigerian is imbibed with the culture of corruption. As a corollary, corruption is nothing but a rape on good governance and societal development. It is noteworthy that once any process is corrupted, the resultant effect would be non-performance and retrogression characterized with underdevelopment. Hence, attaining peace and harmony becomes utopia in the real sense of it. Thus, it is not uncommon for masses to start scouting for the avenue to engage in corruption since it has become the order of the day as far as our society is concerned. The work relies on both primary and secondary sources of data collection. The data sources are complemented with the administration of questionnaires and oral interview with relevant stakeholders and members of the public to elicit more information about the consequential impact of corruption. The study raises fundamental question about the place of corruption in politics and socio-economic development of Nigeria with a view to providing lasting solutions to it.
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