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Assessment Of Level Of Resources Availability At National Teachers’ Institute: A Case Of Ondo State, Nigeria

Volume 4 - Issue 2, February 2020 Edition
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Erinsakin, Martins Ojo, Agun, Paulinah Olusola, Akinbebije, John
Assessment, Availability, Resources, National teachers institute
The research was conducted on the assessment of level of resources availability at National Teachers Institute in Ondo State, Nigeria. Descriptive survey research design was used. The study population comprised, facilitators and clientele of NTI programme in Ondo State Nigeria. The sample size for the study was Ninety (90) respondents, selected through a multi-state sampling technique. The research instrument, used to collect data was self-developed by the researchers, entitled, “Questionnaire on assessment of level of resources at National Teachers’ Institute in Ondo State, Nigeria”. The research instrument was validated by two experts in Test and measurement, while the validity of the research instrument was determined, through test retest method, 0.70 coefficient reliability was obtained. The research questions were analysed, using descriptive statistics (frequency counts, simple percentages and mean). Based on the results, conclusions were made that materials should be made available adequately and that facilitated were enough for the programme. However, the funding of NTI programme in Ondo State Nigeria was not adequate. Recommendations were therefore made that; the Federal Government of Nigeria should budget adequate fund or finance for the programme implementation. Also, more materials and facilitators should be made available to further strengthen the existing ones.
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