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Executive Summary Of Public Perceptions About Alternative Medicine In Angel, London

Volume 4 - Issue 2, February 2020 Edition
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D.H.S.K.Hallala, Fletcher Phiri
Alternative medicine, Herbal medicine, Massage therapy, UK registration
This study intends to investigate public perceptions about alternative medicine and common types of alternative medicines used in London. In particular, the study attempts to identify the general public’s expectations which can effect on alternative medical practice in Angel, London and to generally investigate whether people turn to use alternative medicine or not. This is a questionnaire based research survey using participants randomly selected in Angel, London. The sample group was 100 and the questionnaire contains both quantitative and qualitative questions. 100 questionnaires were collected from the sample group, which consists of 55% European, 22% Asian, 12 % African and 11% other nationalities. There were 7 age groups mentioned in the questioner and most of the participants were in 25-34 year age group (31 participants). 56% female and 44% male were participated to the study. Around 47% have used different type of alternative or herbal things in their life time, 53% have not used anything. People who used alternative medicine mentioned that those include Chinese medicine, Acupuncture, massage therapy, homeopathy, herbal tea, herbal cosmetic products and their own country traditional medicines. 53% of participants like to use alternative in future and 47% of participants do not like to use any alternative medicine. Around 29% knows about alternative medicines in other countries, and those mainly include India, China and German, however 71% do not know. About 34% and 23% preferred professional qualifications and academic qualifications of alternative medical practitioner. Most of the people mentioned that registration certificate as a responsible place in the UK, feedback from previous clients; qualified staff and cleanliness of the place are the factors influencing their preference for alternative practicing place. According to the hypothesis testing accept alternative hypothesis, and reject null hypothesis. Hence, it can be concluded as people are turn to use alternative medicine.
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