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International Journal of Advanced Research and Publications!

The Language Of Our DNA - Scalar Energy

Volume 3 - Issue 3, March 2019 Edition
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Jere Rivera-Dugenio
consciousness, DNA, morphogenetic field, quantum physics, scalar energy
According to researchers Grazyna Fosar and Franz Bludorf, DNA is influenced by words and frequencies. According to their research, the key lies with the other 90% of the non-coding for protein DNA, often misrepresented as “junk DNA”, that serves as data storage and communication. The research of Russian biophysicist and molecular biologist Dr. Pjotr Garajajev suggests that living chromosomes function just like solitonic/holographic computers using endogenous DNA laser radiation. In simpler terms, words and sentences of our human language can recode our DNA. However, here are vital questions that are not addressed in ALL of the Russian research: 1) What is the actual language of the introns or potential DNA, 2) How does language turn on or off the DNA, and 3) How does this apply to consciousness and healing the bio-energetic body? This research paper will answer the above questions and propose a more sophisticated and advanced perspective on how language affects the introns.
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