IJARP SJIF(2018): 4.908

International Journal of Advanced Research and Publications!

Portable Power Generating Floor Boards

Volume 3 - Issue 3, March 2019 Edition
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Balansay, Maria Lourdes V., Banaag,Mark Kevin, Ilagan, Anjho Antonio B., Maputi, Mariel M.
Piezoelectric, charge centers, Full wave bridge rectifier, emergency power supply
The project will harvest energy by transforming mechanical energy to electrical energy with the mechanical energy coming from the footstep of people walking on it. When piezoelectric material was placed under mechanical stress, a shifting of the positive and negative charge centers in the material takes place, which then results in an external electrical field. The alternating current produced was then rectified using a full wave bridge rectifier which was then stored in a battery. The primary characteristic of the prototype was that it is portable with dimensions of 60 cm by 80 cm. This project could be an emergency power supply in times of power outage and good for the environment because it uses renewable power source.
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