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Characteristics Of Critical Thinking Of SMP Students In IPS Lessons Based On Local Interest Through Advance Organizer

Volume 3 - Issue 3, March 2019 Edition
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Sudarmiani, Sri Jutmini, Baedhowi, Gunarhadi
Critical Thinking, Social Sciences, Local Wisdom, Advanced Organizer.
Critical thinking is the ability to evaluate a statement and identify a reason, for example, the evidence underlying the evaluation. In Social Sciences subjects critical thinking skills are essential. Then an integrated learning model is needed that allows students both individually and actively seek, explore, and discover concepts and principles holistically and authentically. One learning model that is expected to improve critical thinking skills is the Advance Organizer learning model. The primary idea of advancing organizer is that it is known to be known. This type of research is research and development (RnD) from Borg and Gall. The data obtained in this research and development are of two kinds, namely primary data and secondary data. Primary data in the form of information from informants, suggestions/comments from expert teams on the draft model and tools for social studies learning, interviews with principals, teachers, students, and cultural experts, student learning outcomes. Secondary data is obtained from relevant documentation and supports research from the education office and school where the study conducted. The questionnaire arranged in the form of a Likert scale, and descriptive statistical analysis techniques analyzed the results. The effectiveness test uses a before-after research design study design by comparing two groups. Namely, the experimental group gave social studies learning with the Advanced Wisdom-based learning model, while the control group uses learning that commonly used in schools namely lectures vary (lectures, question and answer, and discussion). Based on the recapitulation of students' critical thinking abilities, it was found that out of 26 students in the experimental class, the number of students had high critical thinking skills as many as 23 students (88.46%) while those with low critical thinking skills were 3 students (11.54%). In the control class results obtained, students with high critical thinking ability were 15 people (57.69%), while students with moderate critical skills were eight students (30.77), and those with low critical thinking skills were three students (11, 54%). Based on these observations it is known that the experimental class the number of students who have critical thinking skills is higher than the control class. It shows that IPS learning based on local wisdom can improve students' critical thinking skills, based on the results of the above observations, in the experimental class classically students who have critical thinking skills are 88.66% high category, whereas. In the control class 57.69%.
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