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Health Literacy, Social Determinants And Overweight And Obesity Among Middle Aged Women In Myanmar: A Cross Sectional Analytical Study

Volume 4 - Issue 3, March 2020 Edition
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Than Kyaw Soe1, Wongsa Laohasiriwong, Somsak Pitaksanurut, Teerasak Phajan
health literacy, obesity, overweight, women
Introduction: Obesity is major public health challenge worldwide especially among middle aged women. Health literacy have been identified as one of a measured for overweight and obesity control. Objective: To determine the prevalence of overweight and obesity and to identify the association between health literacy, social determinants and overweight and obesity among middle aged women in Magway Region, Myanmar. Methodology: This cross-sectional analytical study was conducted in 4 townships of Magway region, Myanmar. Total of 402 female aged 45-65 years old were selected by using multistage random sampling. After getting the consent from participants, the weighting and measuring were done first and the data was collected with the structured questionnaire. The multiple logistic regressions were used to determine the association presenting adjusted odd ratio with 95% confident interval. Result: The results indicated that majority of middle-aged women were married (65.42%), their average age was 52.91 + 54.13 years. As high as 37.81% were obesity (95% CI: 33.18%-42.68%) and 17.16% (95%CI: 13.77% - 21.19%) were overweight. Most of them had low level of health literacy (73.13%). Factors associated with overweight and obesity were having problematic disease prevention health literacy (AOR=4.23, 95%CI:2.06-8.67; p-value<0.001), inadequate disease prevention health literacy (AOR=6.97, 95%CI:3.12-15.56; p-value<0.001), problematic health promotion health literacy (AOR=2.22, 95%CI:1.14-4.35; p-value=0.019) and inadequate health promotion health literacy (AOR=4.48, 95%CI:2.08-9.66; p-value<0.001). Furthermore, urban residents (AOR=3.31, 95% CI:1.92 to 5.70; p-value<0.001), had family history of overweight and obesity (AOR=2.29, 95% CI:1.29 to 4.45; p-value=0.004), consumed rice more than 8 serving spoons per day (AOR=2.03, 95% CI:1.14 - 3.60; p-value=0.016) and having vigorous activities (AOR=4.63, 95%CI:1.37 to 15.65; p-value=0.014) also associated with overweight and obesity among middle aged women. Conclusions: There were high prevalence of overweight and obesity. Poor health literacy, heredity and behaviors had influence on these nutritional problems.
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