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Review of Retail Aldi (Germany) & Reliance (India) of Retail Technology Followed in Their Main Markets

Volume 4 - Issue 3, March 2020 Edition
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Bhanu Priya, Bharat Jain
Organized Retailing, Retailing Strategies, Reliance Market, Aldi Supermarket, Merchandising Techniques, Retailing Concepts.
The focus of this research is on the grocery industry sector and the comparative analysis is between ALDI Supermarket (Germany) and RELIANCE supermarket (India). This study aims to figure out what the retailing and the merchandising procedure used by the Aldi and the Reliance store in their respective countries to increase the sales of their stores & market and what type of techniques they use to fulfill their customer demand. To make a more holistic assessment, this study develops a framework that accounts for all the relevant environmental factors relating to retail/e-commerce activities in different countries. Variables related to consumer shopping behavior such as basket size. This framework is used to build a Life Cycle Analysis model. The model is applied to different retail methods for fast-moving consumer goods & consumer packaged goods. The purpose of the study is to determine the differences between the Aldi store & the Reliance store strategies to target consumers, forms of retailing, product category, how they fulfill their customer demand in their respective countries, their future scope in retailing, pricing strategy & retailing techniques.
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