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A Journey Uncovered: Adjustments of Foreign Senior High School Students in Philippine School Doha

Volume 4 - Issue 3, March 2020 Edition
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Maidie P. Acosta, RL, MAIE
International students, Philippine School Doha, the Filipino community, adjust, quality education, qualities, experience, journey
Background: Adjustments could be a challenge especially to students being transferred to a new school. Although this manifestation varies, it is noticeable to foreign senior high school students enrolled in Philippine School Doha. This motivated the researchers to know their adjustment journey. Method: A phenomenological research design was employed in this qualitative paper to understand the adjustment journey of the international students enrolled in Philippine School Doha relative to the central question “How do foreign senior high students adjust in Philippine School Doha?”. Data were gathered through a thirty- one semi-structured interview and were analyzed using an inductive approach in theme development. Findings: Findings have shown the struggles of senior high school international students with regards to their adjustments in academics, non- academic involvement and ethnicity. Conclusion: The adjustments struggle encountered contributes to the capacity of the international students to learn and interact with other students. Recommendation: In order to fill the gap of this study, the paper suggests future researchers focus on ways to strengthen existing Filipino Second Language reinforcement programs intended for international students. Thus, the need to incorporate basic and simple Filipino terminologies should be learned carefully and be able to address various factors in adjustment such as personal, social and cultural.
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