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Implementation In Integrating Information And Communication Technology By The Secondary School Teachers

Volume 4 - Issue 4, April 2020 Edition
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Shamseda Azis Tabao
Implementation of information and communication technology, information and communication technology, and secondary school teachers’ practices.
This is a descriptive study which ascertained the extent of implementation in integrating Information and Communication Technology by the secondary school teachers in Teaching at Mindanao State University- University Training Center. The data were gathered from sixty three (63) respondents through questionnaire, interview and observation. Statistical tools used were mean, rank and standard deviation. The study worked on problem which showed the following findings: a) the teachers rated the implementation in integrating Information and Technology to a moderate extent in English and Science and b) Information and Communication Technology was integrated to a great extent in Mathematics. In the integration of Information and Computer Technology, the teachers encountered problems, such as: the insufficient ICT Computer units, the school have no access to internet; some teachers were not ICT literate.
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