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Examining The Relationship Between Services Reliability And Customer Satisfaction In The Aviation Sector At Entebbe Airport In Uganda.

Volume 4 - Issue 4, April 2020 Edition
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Benard Nuwatuhaire
services reliability, customer satisfaction and aviation.
This study examined the relationship between services reliability and customer satisfaction in the aviation sector at Entebbe Airport in Uganda. Using both the quantitative and qualitative approaches, the study adopted the cross-sectional and correlational research designs on a sample of 300 participants. Data were collected using a questionnaire survey and an interview guide. Data analysis involved descriptive and inferential analyses. Descriptive analysis involved frequencies, percentages and means. Inferential analysis involved correlation and regression analyses. Descriptive results revealed that, services reliability was fair. Inferential analyses revealed that services reliability had a positive and significant influence on customer satisfaction. It was concluded that services reliability is imperative for customer satisfaction for customer satisfaction. Therefore, it was recommended that managers and staff of airports should ensure that services for travellers are reliable.
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