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A Study On The Effect Of Music On Short Term Memory With The Use Of Digit Span Task Among Students

Volume 4 - Issue 4, April 2020 Edition
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Mariel Chua, Gavin William Ngie, Christian Jasper C. Nicomedes, Cinderella A. Sta. Cruz

Short Term Memory is limited and momentary, as it only lasts for a few seconds and generally can hold 5 to 9 items if not rehearsed or actively maintained. The short term memory can hold an average of 7 items within 15 to 30 seconds. One of the Memory Span Tests used is Digit Span Test which measures the Short Term Memory with the use of numbers. There are already a lot of studies regarding Digit Span Test. However, there is not much study that focuses on the effect of music on Digit Span Test. This experimental study aimed to determine the Digit Span Scores of students of MMC-CAST. The researchers gathered 120 participants from senior high school and college department, dividing them into one control group and two experimental groups. All groups underwent Digit Span Task in both forward and backward order, wherein only the two experimental groups have rock or classical music playing in the background. The result shows that female has higher mean rank score than male eve if the Digit Span scores were combined (p<0.05). Additionally, both rock (d=-0.24) and classical music (d=0.22) have a small effect only on the Backward Digit Span scores of the respondents.
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