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Technological Leadership of 21st Century Principals of Private Secondary Schools

Volume 4 - Issue 4, April 2020 Edition
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Jayson O. Gulpan, Randy M. Baja
Capability-building program, information technology, school principals, technological leadership
The role of school principals has evolved from that of a curriculum leader to that of a technological leader. Technological leadership is deemed necessary to effectively lead technological reforms and innovations in schools. It is in this context that the study assessed the extent to which the principals manifest technological leadership relative to the following constructs: visionary leadership; digital age learning culture; excellence in professional practice; systemic improvement; and digital citizenship. Moreover, the study explored the utilization of information technology along decision-making, policy-making, and initiating actions. Further, the study aimed to identify some issues and challenges in the practice of technological leadership. Ultimately, the study aimed to propose a capability-building program for the school principals. The study made use of the descriptive research design. Results revealed that principals manifest technological leadership relative to the five constructs to a moderate extent. They also utilize IT along decision-making, policy-making, and initiating actions to a moderate extent. Some of the issues and challenges identified include teachers’ appreciation of ICT education, training of teachers, and assessment of the impact of technology.
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