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Designing And Implementation Online Computer Based Testing System PKBM Riksa Ilmu Karawang

Volume 4 - Issue 4, April 2020 Edition
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Yusnizar, Atit Pertiwi
CBT,CFT, UML, waterfall
The test is carried out as an evaluation material for learning outcomes conducted at the end of a certain period or at the end of a material. Along with the development of technology, the current manual or conventional examination system wants to be changed to a computerized test system or Computer Based Test (CBT). In this study the authors used the Computerized Fixed-Form Test (CFT) method. The SDLC Model used is a waterfall, design using UML. The applications used are XAMPP, Mysql, PHP, CSS. In CFT the questions given are randomized, but with a fixed amount. the CFT method is part of CBT. With the waterfall, each question has been conditioned on the levels of difficulty first, so that when inputted on a computer there is no more sorting based on the level of difficulty performed by the system. With the online test system (CBT), the testing process can take place quickly, the calculation of grades can also be displayed quickly, precisely and accurately. In the waterfall the process must be sequenced and cannot complete the next stage if the previous stage has not been completed. The most fundamental felt in the use of the Computer Based Test (CBT) system is the savings in the use of paper.
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