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Improving Up Land Rice Yield under Integrated Nutrient Management Practices In Liberia

Volume 3 - Issue 8, August 2019 Edition
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Hiama Prince D., Yanquoi Harris, Jones Marcus T., Tokpah David P. Morris Susannah D.
Poultry manure, Cow dung Mineral fertilizer, yield and NERICA 14.
Research on soil amendment to improve crop productivity in Liberia is limited with less emphasis on rice. To improve on this, a field experiment was therefore carried out at the Central Agricultural Research Institute (CARI), Suakoko, Liberia to improve up land rice yieldunder manures and integrated fertilizers nutrient management practices.The experiment consisted of a factorial Randomized Complete Block Design (FRCBD) with three replications. Field size of 892.5 m2 (15 m x 59.5 m)was used with each plot demarcated as 2 m x 3 m (6 m2). There were 12 treatments such as Control, 100% N120, 0% NPK + 8.1 t cow dung ha-1, 25 NPK + 6.1 t cow dung ha-1, 50% NPK + 4.1 t cow dung ha-1, 75% NPK + 2 t cow dung ha-1, T7: 0% NPK + 5.5 ton poultry manure ha-1 25% NPKS + 3.4 ton ha-1 poultry manure NPK 50% + 2.75 tons ha-1 poultry manure and 75% NPK + 1.4 ton ha-1 poultry manure. An improved upland rice cultivar (NERICA 14) was used as the planting material. At harvest the tallest plant (109.45), maximum grain yield (5.59 tons/ha), and panicle weight (23.25) were found in plot supplied with,NPK 50% + 2.75 tons ha-1 PM. Number of effective tillers per hill (8) were developed in plots imposed with 100% N120 P18 K18. Although the highest biological yield was recorded from PM + MF1 treatment, but statistically similar result were found from 0% NPK + 8.1 t CD ha-1, 50% NPK + 4.1 t CD ha-1 and NPK 50% + 2.75 tons ha-1 PMtreatments. It was obvious that yield of rice can be increased significantly with the judicious use of organic manure with chemical fertilizer.
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