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Images Of Cebuano Youth In Missing Filemon’s Select Songs

Volume 4 - Issue 6, June 2020 Edition
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Leslie Lucernas-Caramihan, M.A., Niña Jen Ruta-Canayong, D.A.
Cebuano youth, evolving images, persona’s significant experiences, poetic vision, Sugbu-anun’g Binisaya
This literary investigation looks into the evolving images of Cebuano youth in the three select rock songs of Missing Filemon and engages to the following aspects: (1) persona’s significant experiences revealed in socio-linguistic and socio-cultural realities, (2) listeners’ responses, and (3) poetic vision revealing evolving images of Cebuano youth. This assumption is underpinned by the literary theories of new criticism and affective criticism. This study uses the qualitative descriptive analysis in investigating the select songs. It investigates the important angles on: the presence of socio-linguistic and socio-cultural realities in the rock songs; the views or the responses of the Cebuano youth on the select songs under study; and the poetic vision which reveals evolving images of Cebuano youth. The results of the discourse analysis show that the select rock songs of Missing Filemon reveal the socio-linguistic and socio-cultural realities of the Cebuano youth as gleaned from the texts of the select songs in which these songs reflect the realities in the world of the Cebuano youth of today. The listeners being the direct addressees mirror the Cebuano youth of today and whose responses speak the realities of the Cebuano youth experiences of love, friendship, values, and the struggle and hardships in life. The select songs convey a meaning that the Cebuano youth are shaped by their society amidst the different social illnesses in language, education, religion, and in the community creating today’s images of Cebuano youth. In conclusion, the select songs of missing Filemon namely Englisera, Prinsipal, and Suroy-Suroy reveal evolving images of Cebuano youth. The songs which are written in Sugbu-anun’g Binisaya embody the ideals, aspirations, and the voice of the young generation of today who are goal-oriented, self-reliant, true friend, religious, and discerning individuals.
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