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Enhancement Of Wheat Productivity Through Credit Program Of Zarai Tarqiati Bank Limited In Rural Areas Of District Mardan Khyber Pukhthun Khawa Pakistan

Volume 1 - Issue 1, July 2017 Edition
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Naushad Khan1, Munir Khan2
Enhancement, Credit Program, Wheat Productivity, Rural Areas
Credit play key role in the development of agriculture. Farmers get loan from different sources from friends and banks for purchasing their inputs in the time of sowing for productivity increasing. The present study was carried out in rural area of District Mardan December 2012. The major objective was to see the effects of the credit program of ZTBL on wheat productivity in the study area. Three tehsil of district Mardan namely Katlang, Thakhth Bai and Mardan were selected. On the basis of more beneficiaries of the bank two villages from each tehsil were chosen. The total number of the credit beneficiaries was 260 while the number of wheat growers was 243. All 243 wheat growers were selected for the study and through questionnaire schedule data were collected from the respondents Descriptive statistics paired t-test and correlation were used for data analysis. The average yield, cost and return per hectare were found more than before and highly significant which shows the positive effect of the credit program on the wheat productivity. During survey large number of problems, such as shortage of finance, high costs, non availability of quality seeds, high interest rate, complicated procedure of the bank, non availability of loan in time etc were observed in the growers field. On the basis of problems recommendations were suggested for problems solution which is given as loan should be provided to farmers according to inputs requirements; in time availability of credit is requested; low interest rate should be imposed on the loan by bank; one window operation policy should be implemented by bank and loan provision to tenants were suggested for boosting the wheat productivity in the study area etc.
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