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Women Manager In Bahrain: Positive Steps Towards Gender Equality And Successful Careers

Volume 2 - Issue 8, August 2018 Edition
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Dr Layla Faisal Alhalwachi, Hussain Ali Sabt, Hussain Taher Almajed

The purpose of this research is to explore the career success of women managers in the Kingdom of Bahrain. The paper examines the interplay of cultural, national, and organizational factors in explaining individuals’ experience of career success. The underlying reason for this research is that there is a gap in the knowledge, regarding the context of the Arab region as such issues are rarely tackled in this region, this paper hopes to fill the gap in the literature regarding the women managers careers experience and success in addition to the underlying reason for their experience. The method recommended for this research is semi-structured interviews that should be conducted with women from a multitude of echelons in management such as junior, senior and high management the interviews may last for 30 minutes to 90 minutes, moreover the interviews should be conduct in locations that are private or in accordance with the interviews preference to allow the interviews to speak freely about their experiences, interviews should be recoded and coded for research purposes. The findings of this paper indicate that women are likely to perceive themselves as successful in non-monetary terms such as balance between family and work in addition to colleague’s respect and appreciation, furthermore, findings indicate that cultural, national, and organizational have an influential impact on women careers success and behaviors. This research hopes to augment this study as a platform for future researches, furthermore this research seeks to appeal for decision makers in the region in contemplation of realizing women potential in the workforce by eliminating cultural, national, and organizational that subliminally halt women progression and society development
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