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Education As Business: Its Realistic, Pragmatic And Progressivist Angles

Volume 3 - Issue 8, August 2019 Edition
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Sabrina A. Ramos
education, commercialization, pragmatism, realism, progressivism, stakeholders
This paper tried to examine as to whether or not commercialization of education is more of an upside or of a downside to the involved stakeholders (owner, parents, students, teachers). The proponent fairly looked into the data to come up with a balanced synthesis about the issue. Data were gathered using purposeful sampling for study as design strategy, emphatic neutrality and mindfulness as data collection strategy, and inductive analysis and creative synthesis as analysis strategy. This study assumed that commercialization of education is beneficial to all stakeholders based on the platform of realism, pragmatism and progressivism. The result showed that the stakeholders see commercialized education as both advantageous and disadvantageous taking into consideration the three platforms.
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