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Prevalence And Related Factors Of Injury Among Handball Players Of Brazzaville During The Sports Season

Volume 4 - Issue 1, January 2020 Edition
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Yvon Rock Ghislain ALONGO, Innocent Simplice MOUSSOUAMI, Nathalie MAKOUMOUNOU MBAMA
handball players, physical trauma, prevalence, sports season.
The objective of this descriptive study is to estimate the prevalence and associated determinants of handball physical trauma in a sample of players. It was conducted with 75 practicing handball players in 5 clubs whose average age was 26.4 4.7 years of the players surveyed. The body mass and size of the handball players were measured using an XY-3012 electronic scale. A multi-pronged questionnaire was conducted with results showing a predominance of pelvic limb injuries, including knee (26%) and ankle (24%). However, the shoulder made up of the scapula and collarbone) and the wrist are the joints, the most exposed to physical trauma. Our study identified the most frequent injuries as well as the predominant factors responsible for the physical injuries that occurred during handball competitions. With a view to improving performance and reducing the number of accidents involving Congolese handball players, it is desirable that the public authorities modernise the working conditions of athletes by lining the handball fields with tartan or floor.
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