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Performance Mapping Of Optical Mark Recognition (Omr) Machines In The Division Of Batangas City: Basis For Program Enhancement

Volume 3 - Issue 9, September 2019 Edition
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Lilibeth M. Virtus
Performance, performance mapping, performance mapping of OMR machines, Optical Machine Recognition, OMR Performance.
This study aimed to determine the performance mapping of OMR machines in terms of usage, advantages and disadvantages and map the results of the seven machines, compare the results done by the teacher manually in order to recommend a program on the utilization of the OMR to uplift the performance of the students different schools of the division of Batangas City. The study used qualitative design using descriptive-thematic synthesis and quantitative using correlation of statistics results. Purposive sampling was utilized in choosing seven (7 )participants from seven (7) schools with OMR machines in the Division of Batangas City. A total of seven (7) OMR machines were used to map the performance, seven (7) teacher- operators were interviewed in gathering data. The statistical tools used were frequency mean and t-test. The study revealed that OMR machine is useful in data scanning scannable answer sheets of students quarter examinations, it gives quick and accurate assessment results but enable to process thin paper, and improper shading, and sometimes experienced technical problem just like any other machines. Meanwhile, all the seven (7) machines tested generated exactly the same results for a specific examination sample in mathematics. Further results shows that there is no significant difference between the results taken from the OMR machines and teacher’s computed results. Thus, the proposed program maybe used to enhance the utilization of OMR machines in the division and uplift students achievement. The results of this study may remove the doubt of the users and the division personnel on the reliability and validity of the data scanned by the machines. Thus, the results may be used to plan and implement a more comprehensive program in order to raise the achievement of the learners within the division.
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