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Professional Accountability Of Secondary School Heads Towards Quality Assurance

Volume 3 - Issue 9, September 2019 Edition
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Angelica F. Olaso, Randy M. Baja
professional accountability, quality assurance, secondary public schools, school heads,
The study aimed to describe the professional accountability of administrators towards quality assurance in the Division of Lipa City. It examined the extent of the school heads professional accountability in the areas of teachers’ performance, student achievement, staff development and learning environment. At the end, this paper proposed a quality assurance project. It utilized a descriptive research design and used the triangulation method of data analysis, questionnaire and focus group discussion as tools to be able to gather pertinent data. With the inclusion of 36 school heads and 259 teachers from the public secondary schools of the Division of Lipa City, results were obtained. In assessing the school heads’ professional accountability towards teachers’ performance, student achievement, staff development and learning environment, both the administrators and the teacher- respondents gave a perception that their school administrators’ accountability is highly evident. Hence, in testing the hypothesis, it was found out that there is no significant difference between the perceptions of the administrators and the teachers on the administrators’ professional accountability. Data also revealed that the implementation of policies that would govern both students' and staff's behavior and support to ICT integration in the teaching-learning process and other school transactions are some of the issues and concerns school heads are facing. Taking into consideration these findings, the researcher proposed a quality assurance project that can help improve the administrators’ accountability and thereby, improve the quality of education that the school offers.
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