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Promotion Of Local Knowledge For Forest Protection In The Central Highlands Region Of Vietnam

Volume 3 - Issue 10, October 2019 Edition
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Pham Tat Thang, Pham Viet Dung, Le Thanh Binh, Giang Khac Binh
Local knowledge, Forest protection, Central Highlands Vietnam.
The Central Highlands Vietnam is an area having enormous potentiality for forest resources, biodiversity and is a watershed of many large river and stream system of Vietnam. This is also the habitat of many ethnic minorities and has relations with cross-border ethnic groups. Therefore, it has unique multicultural character, especially diverse and unique local knowledge treasure. Local knowledge of the Central Highlands ethnic minorities play a very important role in all aspects of community life in which there is a intimate attachment with the forest culture space and forest land. So, upholding the values of local knowledge in forest protection is an important factor promoting the rapid and sustainable development of this area. The paper is the research results of the project “Studying the use and promotion of local knowledge for proactive and responsive to climate change in Vietnam's regions”, code BĐKH.26/16-20.
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