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Assessing The Current Situation And Proposing Solutions To Manage Waste Containing Plant Protection Chemicals In Tea Cultivation In Thainguyen Province

Volume 3 - Issue 10, October 2019 Edition
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Ngo Van Gioi, Kieu Quoc Lap
tea cultivation, Thainguyen, pesticide, waste
This paper assesses the status of waste management containing plant protection chemicals in tea cultivation in Thai Nguyen province, Vietnam and proposes solutions to manage and collect them. The results shown that there are many types of pesticides that are used in agricultural cultivation, especially tea cultivation, but they are on the list of plant protection chemicals allowed for use in agricultural cultivation according to the regulations of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development of Vietnam. The issue of environmental protection from waste containing pesticides is being paid attention and controlling them is very necessary. The management and treatment of waste containing pesticides in Thai Nguyen has been concerned but there is a lack of finance and equipment as well as an organization that can handle it. To improve the efficiency of waste management containing pesticides, it is necessary to synchronize some solutions.
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