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Effect Of Concept Mapping On Learner Achievement On Mole Concept

Volume 3 - Issue 11, November 2019 Edition
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Kasompo Damaso, Asiana Banda
Achievement, Concept Mapping, Mole Concept.
The purpose of this study was to determine the effect of concept mapping on learner achievement on mole concept. Participants comprised 80 grade 11 learners, 38 male and 42 female, at a government co-education secondary school in Kabwe district of Zambia. The study adopted a pretest-posttest counter balanced quasi-experiment research design. Two classes were randomly selected to participate in the study. The classes were then randomly assigned to the experimental and control groups. The learners in the experimental group were instructed with the integration of concept mapping while those in the control group were instructed without integrating concept mapping. Both groups were taught the same content on mole concept. Data were analysed using independent sample t-test and descriptive statistics computed from the collected data using SPSS. Results show that there was a significant difference in the mean scores of the experimental (M= 53.37) and control (M=36.51) groups, t (63.208) = -4.109, p = .000, α = .05 two tailed for the first posttest and t (78) = 2.163, p = .034, α = .05 two tailed for the second posttest. The results indicate that those instructed with concept mapping did better than those instructed without concept mapping. The result also reveal that both males and females benefited from concept mapping and its impact is not gender dependent.
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