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Filipino Migrants’ Resettling Journey: The Ups and Downs

Volume 3 - Issue 10, October 2019 Edition
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Dr. Therezia O. Conti, Angelika Vhem S. Baliwag
migrants, international migration, resettling, experiences
This study aims to find out the reasons, experiences and the effects of migration to the Batangueño migrants. The qualitative research approach is used in this study and interview is the data collection procedure utilized . The participants of this study are eight (8) migrants who reside in Batangas. The analysis and interpretation of data are inferred from the responses of the participants from the set of questions asked in the interview which concern about the reasons of migration, their experiences and the effects of these experiences in their way of living. The result of the study shows that the main reason of migration is financial stability and family support.
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