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Response Of Onion Yield On Different Irrigation System Of Various Onion Cultivars Under Uplands Of Balochistan.

Volume 3 - Issue 10, October 2019 Edition
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Malik Bakht Ali, Bashir Ahmed, Sher Muhammad, Muhammad Kashif
(Drip Irrigation system, Onion crop, Water Requirement)
The trial was conducted at Directorate of Vegetable seed Production ARI Sariab Quetta-Pakistan. The trial was executed for investigating the efficiency of drip irrigation system on Onion. Experiment have two (2) factors, prime factor was Irrigations systems and second was onion varieties. Irrigation system was comprised on Drip, Furrow and Flood irrigation system. In regard of varieties, 15 cultivars were tested during trial. In study it was revealed that on drip irrigation system, Onion performed well in term of yield. Also the conservation of irrigational water was observed on large scale. 55% irrigational water was conserved through drip irrigation system. The yield on drip was also recorded satisfactory i.e. 51.93 (Chiltan Variety) tons per hectare. At ingenious level the water requirement of onion crop has been recorded almost 40 irrigation. Such water requirement is enormous in current scenario. This study has directly falsify these statement and encourage the utilization of drip irrigation system overall in country.
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