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Training Needs Assessment Of The Gender Focal Point System: Basis For A Capability Building Program

Volume 2 - Issue 11, November 2018 Edition
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Maria Theresa H. Arellano-Hernandez
GAD concepts, GAD policies and mandates, GAD tools, Gender Focal Point System, training needs assessment
The primary focus of this training need assessment is to determine the familiarity of Batangas State University Gender Focal Point System (GFPS) members on Gender and Development (GAD) concepts, policies and mandates, and tools. Through this assessment, the Gender and Development Office will be able to develop more relevant training design for GFPS members. The study used a descriptive method of research which utilized the Training Needs Assessment Questionnaire of the Philippine Commission on Women. Respondents included members of BatStateU’s GFPS at the university and per campus levels. Statistical tools utilized were frequency, percentage, weighted mean, T-test, and ANOVA. Findings revealed diversity of the GFPS members in terms of their profile variables, namely; sex, age, position, campus, and length of service. Results showed the areas in which training among GFPS members was needed. It was found out that they know little about gender mainstreaming and GAD planning and budgeting. Further, there are still policies and mandates which need to be the focus of future seminars and trainings. In terms of GAD tools, respondents had little information about these. Results further presented no significant difference on familiarity to GAD concepts in terms of sex, age, campus and length of service. There was also no significant difference on familiarity to GAD policies and mandates, and tools with respect to profile variables. The survey clearly points out the need for GFPS members to undergo trainings to further the University’s GAD advocacy. The University’s annual GAD plan and budget should consistently include capacity building to enable them to effectively perform their tasks as GFPS members.
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