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Using Satellite Images To Identify Salinity Intrusion For Four Provinces Near Northern Delta’s Coastline In Vietnam

Volume 3 - Issue 11, November 2019 Edition
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Kieu Quoc Lap, Ngo Van Gioi
MODIS image, salinity map, remote sensing, Namdinh province, GIS.
Using satellite data from the MODIS image to develop the salinity map of four coastal provinces in the Red River delta in Vietnam with the advantage of high resolution and large research area (2,330 km). However, the disadvantage of MODIS is less accuracy, especially for mild and moderate degraded lands. Using the method of measured directly by pH meter and experimented by ultrasonic spectrometer at Giao Thuy district, Nam Dinh province to compare with the interpretation results of the MODIS image. The results obtained (non-saline soil) is a similarity. However, when combined with remote sensing data only shown compatibility in qualitative terms (the closer of the sea the higher salinity level, the Southwest’s salinity tends to be higher than the Northeast) but there is no compatibility in quantitative terms. To determine this correlation, need more field data and other in-depth studies of both space and time.
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