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An Approach Towards Designing A Prescriptive Analytical Logic Model for Software Application Root Cause Analysis

Volume 3 - Issue 11, November 2019 Edition
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Hoo Meng Wong
Application log analysis, Log file analysis, Analytic Hierarchy Process.
Most of the business operations utilize software application heavily in today’s business world. Software application cannot afford to stop its functioning in the production environment during business hours. However, it is hard to restore the software application service without identifying the root cause. Software application error can occur either within the software application layer or any other factor outside the software application layer. With an enterprise level of software application, the complexity is high as it involves multiple tiers and many middleware are running in the environment. The root cause analysis of software application will be easily prolonged due to more than one log file required. The duration on restoring the software application service back to the users can be hard to determine whenever error is occurred. Therefore, the objective is to mitigate prolonging on conducting root cause analysis activity. Indeed to identify the root cause of software application error in a more accurate manner, and shorten the duration of root cause analysis activity conducting on software application error. A Prescriptive Analytical Logic Model incorporates with Analytic Hierarchy Process (AHP) is proposed. This logic model contributes a new knowledge in the area of log file analysis to shorten the total time spent on root cause analysis activity. At the same time it contributes the knowledge in AHP to close the knowledge gap.
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