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Challenges Of The Teaching And Learning Of French As A Foreign Language In Ghana : The Way Forward

Volume 4 - Issue 1, January 2020 Edition
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Ambrose Bangnia
challenges, communication, foreign language teaching and learning, language education, language policy, second language,
This paper focuses on the grand challenges, which are difficult but solvable facing the teaching and learning of French as a foreign language in Ghana. The paper attempts to identify, define the big challenges and propose suggestions that can provide new opportunities for professionals of every human endeavour, spur new directions and innovation in order to change the Ghanaian public opinion about the role and importance of foreign language teaching and learning. Bilingualism or Multilingualism (knowing more than one language) is no longer a choice or an option but a must for businesses communication, offers employment opportunities and promotes global economic growth. Empirical evidence and research findings confirm and add to our understanding that French is among the principal languages of diplomacy and of important international organizations, a language of instruction, language of government and lingua franca of business. However, there are grand challenges facing the teaching and learning of French in Ghana. The researcher therefore attempts to address these challenges, focusing on priority areas in foreign language education, policy formulation and implementation, monitoring, and suggesting the way forward
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