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Review Process

All the submitted papers go through the following process before they are approved for publications.

  • As soon as the papers are submitted to IJARP Editorial Board for review, the preliminary checks are performed like plagirism checking, formatting etc.
  • If ,by any chance, papers are rejected at this stage then authors are informed immediately and publication process stopped for that paper.
  • If papers are passed through the pre-liminary checks, then papers are shared with qualified reviewers to provide their expert views on the paper quality.
  • If papers are passed through the review process then papers & the comments from reviewers are shared with 1 of the expert from Editorial Board.
  • If papers are approved then authors are notified and papers are sent for publication process.
  • If papers are rejected then authors are informed and publication process stops for that paper.

IJARP Review Process

Please feel free to contact us if any query regarding the review process.